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One Crazy Weekend July 29, 2008

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One weekend, lots has happened. Friday, finally got a call from my case worker after writing to social services about not hearing anything for a home study.  Study to take place on Thursday.    I took my nephew camping with some friends sat. and sun.  Lots of fun and work for less then a twenty four hour period.  First camping trip for my nephew.  came back early Sunday to get house ready for inspection.  Brother came by to pick up my nephew and he and his wife told me they are moving to California.  I cried and fought it in front of them.  Trying to support them while hating that they are taking my nephew away.  This will surely have a strong affect on my whole family.  negative for us, hopefully positive for them. Missed out on seeing my friends new baby.   Later Sunday night got really sick.  Coughing, sore throat, vommiting, aches and pains all day Monday.  Missed work, and some cool art town events.  Slept most of the day.  Still have to unpack the car, and get ready for home inspection.  Was ready, then tore house apart looking for my tent.  ugh!  What a crazy weekend!


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