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Foster Care Update August 13, 2008

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My home study is done!! I am waiting for my social worker to finish her report, then I read it over and sign it. I have no idea what the outcome will be or what happens next. I hope it means children soon.

I had fun creating a room, even though the Pink color walls are bright, I think it turned out cute. I left both walls empty on either side of the beds so the girls can have some part to decorate or hang up posters.


4 Responses to “Foster Care Update”

  1. jackswords Says:

    Little boys may spontaneously vomit if caught in that room. In other words, congrats on your success!

  2. smlwoman Says:

    I did have to work with the color that was already on the walls. But thankfully, that color is all over the place right now! It’s funny, so far, the boys look in there, and walk out pretty quickly.

  3. Ramona Says:

    Invisible Kids exalts me to serve foster children and gives me ideas on how to do so. (

  4. smlwoman Says:

    Thanks, I will look into it.

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