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Rafting on the Truckee River August 17, 2008

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Friends and I went rafting today up at Tahoe on the Truckee River. It was beautiful, relaxing, and lots of fun! I laughed a lot as Randy and I paddled the raft and tried to steer us out of the bushes. I wasn’t steering, but there were times the kids were helping and we would get turned around, so we would just sit in the water and spin round and round.

We got lots of sun!  We saw some thunder clouds, but they passed us by.  So it was sunny and clear.  The water was very lazy and calm for most of the     4 1/2 mile trip.


I wish I would have brought my nephew along.  As you can see with the girls, it was even a great ride for kids.  I recommend this trip for anyone who loves the outdoors. 

Piper got brave and wanted to float in the water without the raft!  She did great.  Only a little screaming while they adjusted to the current.  After she got back in the boat, she was freezing.  So we stripped her down and warmed her up.  But the water was actually very comfortable.  Not freezing like it would be in the beginning of the season. 

The last five minutes of the trip were the most rapids we had all day.  It was fun and we laughed and missed the area to get off, so we had to paddle a little harder to get back to the yellow ore group. I can’t wait to do this again and talk to my brother’s family into doing it too.  People were friendly, and fairly polite.  It was fun to watch the dogs swimming and then hanging out in the boats after they swam for three miles.  They looked so pooped, and so cute sitting in the boats or rafts.  Lots of fun and exactly what summer should be!


2 Responses to “Rafting on the Truckee River”

  1. aysel ergül Says:

    hi:D ı am aysel from Turkey.ı will work in Truckee rafting company this summer,so ı hope u come again:D

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