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Simple Pleasures September 10, 2008

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Today, I started a new part of my job.  The kids are now in school, so I have part time hours with the kids and to keep me full time they have found other work for me to do.  Praise God! One of the new jobs is the “family” laundry instead of just the “kids” laundry. 

I have had a bag of mismatched socks on the counter for about six months.  I can’t tell you how much I have been wanting to throw that bag out. However, as I was doing laundry today, I started to find the missing socks!  I can’t even begin to tell you how giddy I was each time I found a new match!  I cant believe how excited I got each time I was able to pull out a long time lonely sock and bring it back together with it’s mate! 

*smiling to myself…

I can’t wait to get caught up so I can find all the lost lonely socks.

I know, it’s silly.


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