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“Waiting for that golden moment when fear and desire die, and only the unspeakable reality of love remains. “

The Giving Tree October 22, 2008

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This is in my collection of children’s books. I love this book and have used it in all my teachings. I used it, after many years of owning it, in one of my sundayschool classes that I taught. The story all of a sudden became a clear picture of how Jesus loves us. He sacrificed everything for us by giving His life. But He is still there giving us even more. He listens to our needs, desires, and pleas for help. All He desires in our Christian walk is for us to be still and sit with Him. To just sit. Listen. Be still. Often we are so consumed by our own wants and lives that we tend to ask Him for help and then run off on our own courses again, often with just a quick “thanks”.

Have you ever wondered if we practice more and more of just sitting, listening, and being still before Him, how much less complicated would our lives be?

Shell Sylverstein never intended it to be a book about Jesus, it just became that illistration for me.


Adoption/Foster Care October 7, 2008

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children-around-world1Just a quick update. I have been licensed, and I have been briefed on the contract. I sign the contract today. I am already allowed to be matched. And this is the scary part. This is a life time commitment. Not a passing phase. For some of you, your children are chosen for you. They are just born to you and you love them like crazy. I feel weird that I am picking the children. How do I make a wise decision?

There is one little girl that is ready for adoption. I can’t seem to get her top five needs. She is older then I origionally wanted, 8, but there is something about her that seems like a fit.

There are two other little girls. Sisters. Perfect in age, 3&4. Just what I wanted. But they have been diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol syndrome. This is something that affects them their entire life. I don’t know much about it, and that is why it is a bit uncertain for me. But God may make this decission because a relative is intersted in adopting them. And they get first choice.

How do I know which children to adopt? Part of me just wants them all. Part of me is scared to make the wrong choice. Biological parents don’t have to go through this do they?

Anyways, any prayers would be fabulous. My spelling is horrible this morning. Blah.