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Fostering to Adopt and Tough Times December 28, 2008

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bible-cross1Wow, what a journey and it hasn’t even started. I don’t want to discourage people from doing this. But you definately have to be patient and flexible. I accepted a little boy. I was so excited about him. I was told the beginning of November about him. It took 3 weeks just to meet him for the first time. The first two times the foster mom was a no show. And I haven’t seen him since. It really frustrated me to no end. I finally have a date to begin transition, but not until the end of January. That will be the next time I see him. About 2 months from the first time I met him. Seems to me like starting from scratch again. He won’t remember anything about me. He will determin how long the transition will take. And I am fine with moving at his pace. In the first meeting we had no worries about the biological parents wanting him back. So I thought of him as a child to adopt. As of my last meeting, the father has said he wants his son. So now he will only be coming to my home as a foster child. It could take up to two years for everything to fall into place for him to be adopted. Now i’m torn on what to be to him. Does he call me mommy, does my nephew consider him a cousin, And what will this do to his stability and security in life? This is part of being a flex family. I signed up for this, and so far I am ok with it. I saw a foster mom in the hall who was crying because she brought her little foster child to court with her and his biological parents saw him for the first time and decided they wanted him back. She has had this child since he was an infant and was there to see the parents rights terminated since they hadn’t seen or heard from them in well over a year. Things can change just like that. Now she won’t be able to adopt him and is devistated. Again, I still seem to be ok so far.
Probably because he hasn’t been in my care yet.children-around-world (more…)