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Fostering to Adopt June 19, 2009

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I love being a foster mom and I love my little boy!! There are some definate ups and downs as I know it is for all families. But I have fallen into the routine of family life and love it. I feel like I have gained everything and lost nothing. Not as much time to blog, but he is free for adoption and that is our next step. Looking forward to my next child!

This week will be our first visit from friends out of state. They don’t have kids, but they love kids. And I am still a bit nervouse. It isn’t the same, and my little guy definately has some behaviour issues. I hope it is a fun week still.


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  1. smlwoman Says:

    update: It was a blast! I am so thankful for my friends! And my little boy had the best time ever! He hiked up Eagle Falls to Eagle Lake without a single complaint! And he really did well! His little legs were so tired he was falling a lot towards the end. So we took some time to play and relax, then began the journey down. He did Awesome! While playing he did decide to throw his shoe in the waterfall. Luckily it got stuck on a rock and I was able to climb out and get it just before it went over the edge. Unfortunately for him, he had to climb down with one very soggy shoe.

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