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Happy Mothers Day! May 11, 2010

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I found this past Mother’s Day, I was jealous of my brother and his wife. We as a family decided to spend mothers day together. But instead of my mom and I being pampered, we cooked. My dad cooked some too. My brother and his wife and little boy went out to Olive Garden for lunch, then they went to a movie as a family, then they came to our house and ate the dinner that my parents bought, and we cooked. My brother did the dishes. I started feeling frustrated because I was parenting children on my own. And I did this by choice. This envy actually ruined my night.

I decided I was not going to let this be a mothers day to forget. Just because I don’t have a husband to help my kids appreciate me, doesn’t mean my kids can’t learn this. I wanted to have my mother’s day be a day we just spent together having fun. I had my kids sit down and make me a crafty piece for the yard. A crafty project they could do together. I am a Nanny and a former preschool teacher, there is no reason why I can’t teach them some crafts on mothers day. We had made the same thing for my mom and I think they are adorable. My kids did great team work. It is a ladybug made out of an interlocking stepping stone. I am hoping that my kids will remember making it together and that I loved it.

I think next year we will go to lunch or a picnic, or a movie as well. It doesn’t really matter as long as we do it together. After all, that is what Mother’s day is about, sharing love with your family. And when they are older and can do things on their own, they can do the spoiling and pampering, but for now I am so grateful to even celebrate this holiday at all.

Happy Mother’s Day!