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My little 4 year old is a lot to handle June 6, 2010

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He constantly gets in trouble. He does not do anything he is asked to do. Tonight I sent him in the bathroom to wash his hands after eating dinner. When I walked back in there to check on him, he was playing in the toilet with my hairbrush. He has already slid down the curtains and bent the curtain rod, thrown rocks at other kids and hit them in the head, climbs on his shelves and chairs and drum set all the time, even right after he falls and gets hurt. He pours shampoo out of the bottles all over the floor until the bottles are empty, he runs in the stores nonstop and does not know how to stand with me while I do anything, order food, shop for groceries, pick out clothes for him, get him to try on shoes, he walks away from me in public places all the time, the last time he sat down and colored on a business mans portfolio with the yellow highlighter the man left on the table at McDonalds while I was trying to pick up our tray of food. He broke all my flowers after i told him not to pick them. He broke my bird bath after four times of asking him not to play with it. He ignores me when I talk to him. I am at my wits end all the time. He only seems to behave when we are doing things he wants to do. He has only been with me a year, and when I think of him going to another place to live, I cry my eyes out. I love him so much, but sometimes he scares me into thinking I could hurt him. Maybe he needed a family with a mom and a dad. But God gave him to me. So how do I get through to him. I keep hoping things will get better, and there are times it is great and I am so proud of him, but they are so far and few between that I lose site of those successes. I CAN imagine my life without him, but it breaks my heart to think of him not being with me. Dear Lord, please help us.


3 Responses to “My little 4 year old is a lot to handle”

  1. smlwoman Says:

    As I reread this I can’t help but think, where am I when all of this happens? And most of the time I am right there or nearby. It hits my pride as a nanny and early childhood educator to read this and not know what to do. How do you get through to a child who has no understanding of cause and effect? The answer, through lots, and lots of prayer. If it wasn’t for my saviour and what He has done for me, I could never have made it as far as we have. I pray several times throughout the day to maintain composure and seek His help in what to do next. I don’t always have the answer but He helps me calm down and look at things for what they are, and not so dramatic. He reminds me of all the mistakes I make as an adult, and that this is a child who never had boundries before and in just a short year has had a lot of boundries put on him. If it wasn’t for prayer and time with God, I would never be able to raise this little boy. Thank you God for all Your help. You are my rock of strength.

  2. I am just reading this for the first time, a couple months late. I have tears in my eyes for both of you, even after reading the more recent post that things are going better at the moment. I will be praying for you both. {hug}

    • smlwoman Says:

      Thanks Jenni! We can always use prayer. Things have settled down a lot. Great progress has been made for both of us and it is really becoming easier every day. I can definately say my life would be boring without him!

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