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He begins to speak August 2, 2010

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My little boy has been doing pretty well lately. Not too much trouble at home or school. It has been refreshing. Tonight was the first time he mentioned his previous foster mom. I was taken by surprise because he didn’t seem to remember anything about them. I was getting ready to wash his hair in the tub when he asked if I was going to put his head under the faucet to wash his hair. I told him no, I was going to use the cup. He said, ” My brown mom used to put my head under the faucet and wash my hair.” It took me a minute to realize but his previous foster mom was hispanic hence his brown mom. I asked him if he missed his other mom and he said yes. I asked him if she was nice and he said, ” Yes she was nice to me. I had a daddy at my brown mom’s house.” I asked him if he liked me being his mommy. He said, ” yes, I want to stay with you all the time. Forever. I love you mommy. I told him I wanted him to be my little boy all the time too. Forever and that I love being his mommy. Then he kind of dropped it.

At dinner I asked him what he missed most about his other family that he used to live with. But he didnt’ really know. I told him I was happy he shared that memory with me. He smiled and then said, “This is good corn.”

I guess that was it for now. It has been a year and he has never talked about the other family. It was so interesting to hear a memory that snuck up us. I can’t wait to see if we will hear more. I put this story in his memory book. It will be fun to share it with him one day.