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Sierra Association of Foster Families August 24, 2008

children-around-worldSAFF  Is a great organization I want to let you all know about.  There are lots of ways we can help Foster Families here in Reno.  You can click on the link to find out more, but here is some of what I know. 

Donations.  Saff Takes donations of monetary value for things like sports activities/lessons for the children, conferences for the foster parents to attend which are like workshops to learn new ways to help your foster children thrive in such a crazy world, school supplies, tutoring and education, as well as for other reasons.

They also take donations of New Toys or gift cards for The SAFF Birthday Closet. The Sierra Association of Foster Families maintains a selection of new, donated toys and birthday gift items for foster families to choose from for every foster child in their home. SAFF usually has a selection of gift cards, movie passes or other appropriate items for teens in care in addition to games, sports related items, personal electronics and clothing items they may choose from. (more…)


Rafting on the Truckee River August 17, 2008

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Friends and I went rafting today up at Tahoe on the Truckee River. It was beautiful, relaxing, and lots of fun! I laughed a lot as Randy and I paddled the raft and tried to steer us out of the bushes. I wasn’t steering, but there were times the kids were helping and we would get turned around, so we would just sit in the water and spin round and round.



The Girls Already Love Him! August 13, 2008

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I will miss him so much!


Spelling April 6, 2008

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My good friend Jose, finally made a comment on my spelling in my blogs. It is funny because I can see he made an effort for me to not get offended. He gave me two compliments on my blogs before he pointed out how horrible my spelling was. I “amuse him” with my spelling. He cracks me up. (more…)


Unexpected Treasures August 23, 2007

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So I have this friend… in most cases it would be considered an odd friendship.  She is 21.  I am 38.  Gosh that number looks old.  I am flattered that she enjoys my company as much as she does.  She calls me often, like a normal friend would.  We even go to the movies from time to time.  She is funny, smart, cute, and mature. Sorry boys, she’s happily married!

                 jasmine4.gif                                                         genavie.jpg

She takes my advice into consideration, and she is currently trying to set me up on blind dates.  One day I will have to tell her my blind date horror stories.  But I will give it a try one more time.  If nothing else, maybe a new friend will come from it.   But really, I will have to tell her my stories.  There are nine of them, all of them bad.  3 of them were Very bad. 

We both met because we Nannied kids in the same neighborhood, one block from each other.  Our kids got along wonderfully, and gave us a chance to talk with adults.  She is no longer a nanny, and I thought for sure the friendship would fade to an aquaintance status, but I was wrong.  Even her husband seems to enjoy talking with me too.  As long as I don’t tell anyone he likes to watch Friends….oh, did I type that outloud?  Don’t worry, I didn’t mention the OTHER show. ;0)  It’s my fault really, neither of them had seen it before I gave them the dvd series. 


Always keep your mind open, you never know where or how God will bring treasures into your life! They come in all shapes, sizes, and even ages.


Highlights from my Vacation W/ WI Friends August 22, 2007

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reno-vacation-pic-collage.jpg If you click on the pic it should show you the layout in full size. After you click it, not roll over it, then click the pic on more time to enlarge it to see the details.


Eagle Falls August 16, 2007

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I took my friends here to hike, and they loved it.  I was dissapointed though because the waterfall almost wasn’t.  It was very dry as you can see in the background of the above pic.   After looking for pics of what it should have looked like, I found that August is not the best time to view the falls.  My bad.  Here is what it should have looked like.  This is the same exact area.  By the way visit this guys site, he takes some great pics! 


 And then to top it all off, aparently the better falls to hike are the lower eagle falls.  I have never seen more then the very top of this waterfall.  I have no clue how to hike along it, but really want to now.  Check out the pic below from another site.